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digihub.li – The Digital Innovation Hub for Liechtenstein

«We make Liechtenstein a lighthouse for positive digital transformation that connects humans through trust, transparency, and purpose-driven action.»

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digihub.ll is a Digital Innovation Hub in the legal form of a Liechtenstein Venture Cooperative (LVC), focused on establishing ecosystems for collaboration in the token economy, based on blockchain technologies.

We accelerate collaboration between SMEs and the public sector in Liechtenstein by hosting spaces for experimentation that allow SMEs and the public sector to co-create viable business models.

Our differentiating point is that we already have the required ecosystem ready to use in Web3 so that SMEs and the public sector can start experimenting and prototyping immediately.

We strive for the overall goal to
maintain and expand wealth and prosperity as well as attractive workplaces in Liechtenstein and across Europe by leveraging digital and green transformation.



Establishing a purpose-driven, blockchain-based ecosystem for collaboration and digitalisation of SMEs and public sector in Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein has developed expertise and experience in the fields of blockchain and token economy, based on positive legal framework conditions and a thriving startup scene. We provide innovation rooms for SMEs and the public sector to develop digital and green business models, and to become familiar with the according new ways of working. Step by step, we onboard SMEs and public sector teams on our digital ecosystem of collaboration in Liechtenstein to ensure future growth and prosperity for the country


Providing the skills for and of SMEs and public sector employees to thrive in digitalization, and to facilitate the knowledge exchange between the EU and Liechtenstein

Our analysis has shown that advanced skills go along with more trust in the digital and green transformation. We focus on giving SMEs and public sector teams access to services provided by the European network of EDIHs, as well as offering our own, blockchain-related trainings services. Also, we act as a multiplier and widely diffuse the use of all the digital capacities built up under the different specific objectives of the Digital Europe Programme.


Providing hands-on, on-the-job coaching to enable trust-based, impact-driven work and combine digital, green and personal transformation

We facilitate the necessary mindset shift for leaders and startups to make the switch from «competing against each other» to «co-creating solutions together». This change in the approach to collaboration is a prerequisite for working successfully in ecosystems.
We invite managers in SMEs and public sector in Liechtenstein to participate in our coaching programme and open formats such as the «Communications Café» that allows change of perspectives and mind-opening moments in working together.


Hosting innovation spaces for startups, SMEs and investors to co-create and accelerate viable digital business models

We build and maintain structured long-term relationships with relevant local actors beyond SMEs and the public sector, including impact investors such as foundations, family offices or business angels. Also, we work together with the national authorities, chambers of commerce, industry and banking associations. By matching innovative business models with potential investors, we contribute to the goal of the Liechtenstein government to innovate business models and attract financing for implementation projects.


Project Coordination

My purpose is to connect people through communication. This way, we can find innovative and creative solutions to today's problems and challenges. The key that I found in this, is listening to your own purpose, and then stick to it every day.

Digital innovation

My purpose is to focus the power of people and ideas to co-create a sustainable world. I am mainly involved in issues related to social entrepreneurship as well as forward-looking ideas and concepts in the area of business and society.

Startup Coaching

My Purpose is to build an inclusive and respectful society with same rights and chances for everyone around the globe. With a sensible and energy-neutral use of digitalisation, especially with blockchain technology, we can make a major contribution to this.

Regenerative Development

My purpose is to utilize my passion for connecting people, my empathy, and my ability to organize and understand projects and people to create a positive and productive atmosphere where everyone feels seen and empowered to live their purpose. Through my work, I strive to bring recognition to each individual's strengths and talents and help organizations thrive by building trust and creating a cohesive and collaborative team.

Blockchain-based ecosystem

My purpose is to create economic systems that serve people and planet. I want to see a world of systemic integrity where everyone thrives. I know that through collaboration, we can make it happen.

Impact projects

My purpose is to enable the switch to a more global and inclusive way of thinking and acting that is necessary to get central Europe out of its bubble. Liechtenstein paves the way in a many disciplines, and I try to nudge it towards an all encompassing path.